sâmbătă, 4 octombrie 2008

Diary pages

Wet street.
Here comes the night.
Pale light.
Jesus, what a view... Breathtaking!
How come he's not here?
We used to play the guitar all night long or maybe I'm exaggerating.
Yeah,maybe I'll just go to sleep.
"Mornin', sunshine!", he used to say. Now I have his teddy. Tell me, is that fair?
I'm dressing up for school.
The road seems so long without him so I'm listening to my mp3 player. What's the use? I only get to remember what used to be, our songs, our kisses, our places...
Three tears are falling down. I never cried for him, I never cried for anybody.
I'm lucky the sun hasn't come up yet.
Shouldn't I get over? Shouldn't I be stronger?
The day is passing by. I'm happier than ever. Something or someone makes me smile hardcore.
Then he comes. He somehow manages to ruin my day. He ruined my hopes, I've been trying to ruin his friendships. I'm not better than him, I'm even worse.
I'm no longer smiling, friends ask why. "Must there be a reason for all?", I always say.
Then I forget, something reminds me of him again, I forget again and so on... I only feel sorry that I didn't live the moment harder. I thought it gonna last forever, but I was wrong.
I can't remember our last kiss but I surely thought that it wasn't the last.

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shell seeker spunea...

optimista mica si geniala>:D< cum vezi tu the bright side of the things? iti trebuie curaj sa faci asta...:)

asa. acum referitor la minunatia asta incredibila pe care ai am asa un talent ca nu pot sa scriu un text in engleza mai lung de 5 randuri ca trebuie sa strecor o greseala, macar de spelling:)) dar nu conteaza. ce ai scris tu e pur si simplu foarte frumos, e genul de chestie in care te regasesti total... faza cu "I never cried for him, I never cried for anybody" e cel putin geniala.

sper sa scrii in continuare, desi stiu ca e greu sa-ti faci timp si pentru blog la programul pe care il ai.

si da, si eu adooooooor cum scrii>:D<

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