sâmbătă, 31 august 2013

Just another be grateful post

Feeling lonely, lost, impacient, insecure, sad, depressed?
I've got all the answers.
Well, most of them...
My pieces of advice are:
1. Never ever give up on something you love! (Like I did. I gave up on writing and felt horrible this whole time for not being able to hear my voice.)
2. Change something about yourself every time you feel like you need it. (Either it's your hair colour, what's your favorite bar or the treat you give yourself after a long diet)
3. Search for music that brings you peace. (You're a rock fan, allright, look for soft rock. The heavier the message of the song, the worst you'll feel.)
4. Travel. (No words added)
5. Spend time with friends and family. (They fill up your mood, they tear up your world. Peace and adrenaline, yay!)
6. Love, embrace, kiss as much as you can.   (Find the one or keep him/her clooooooooooose.)
7. Be grateful. (For every small piece of something that's really yours, for little things that matter, for those around you)
8. Pray. (All the time. Anytime you feel like it.)
Hope that was helpful.
I was not that grateful lately... So I decided to leave the crapy mood behind and live to the fullest.

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